Carolyn Trotter - Artist

About the Artist


Born in Vancouver B.C.


Carolyn Trotter received a Diploma in Art in Merchandising from Langara College. With the breadth of her studies including graphic design, printmaking, technical illustration, interior design, and visual marketing, her quest for art exploration began while she built a career in marketing in Toronto, Ont. and Vancouver BC. Her influences come from living and studying in Mexico with her more recent work inspired by her travels in India. Introspective, forthright, kind and compassionate, she infuses her creative life with yoga and meditation. 


My work is inspired by the energy, texture and flow of nature. I’m intrigued by the intrinsic beauty of the curves, symmetry and asymmetry found in floral and leaf elements. I see the beauty in both the perfection and imperfection of their natural design.

Through a disciplined and methodical creative process utilizing various mediums and techniques, a natural and free-flowing energy develops leading to a free and unfiltered expression. Working primarily on canvas, my artistic impressions are conveyed through a detailed process of layering and combining multiple mediums such as pencil, acrylic paint, pastel, pencil crayon, paper and collage, to create depth and texture.

My paintings are a reflection of a near-meditative process, whereby pieces develop complexity through their creation, resulting in a deeper expression than I imagined at conception. The viewer can expect to discover details that may not be apparent upon first glance.  


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